How Examity Saved Considerable Time and Money with GoGenies

The Challenge

Since Examity has a very niche target industry, they were spending marketing dollars trying to attract this specific audience. Despite their efforts, they found challenges connecting with the right contacts. They needed to hire someone who could human-verify these contacts for them

The Solution

GoGenies immediately understood Examity’s requirement and brought together their global recruiting team to find the most suitable Data Miners. So pleased with the candidates presented, Examity hired two individuals for the task.

The Result

With GoGenies, Examity has been able to:

Save considerable sales hours by providing accurate lists to call on

Greatly reduce hiring costs by employing two overseas Data Miners for the cost of one in the U.S.

Human-verify about 100 contacts per week

Lower business costs by utilizing previously purchased contact lists

Customer Success

“Selling in a niche industry comes with its own challenges. But even spending marketing budget and resources wasn’t helping us solve our problem. That’s when we approached GoGenies for help. We have been working with the data miners they helped us hire for six months now and are very satisfied with the outcome. They have helped our sales team become more efficient by verifying contacts for them.”

– Cara Shannon, Director of Marketing

About GoGenies

GoGenies offers clients a global workforce dedicated to making their business wishes come true at an affordable monthly fee. Whether you need dedicated, full-time employees or part-time talent at a fraction of the cost, GoGenies can help you. Having a global presence in over 10 countries, GoGenies provides bilingual paralegal, accounting, sales, marketing, and digital talent covering most major time zones.